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There's a sort of buzz around the internet on the possibility of a currency collapse. The concerns spring from the fact that China's credit gap has grown exponentially, about seventy-two percent, since 2009, stoking worries of an India-style collapse. Reports arrived of the Central Bank of China ordering commercial banks to suspend cash transfers for several days and foreign currency conversions for more than a week, starting today (January 30). More immediately, news spread that HSBC Bank in England was limiting cash withdrawals. In Russia, bank-run fears caused a Russian lender to ban cash withdrawals. No one likes to hear that any bank anywhere is disallowing those who placed their funds in an institution from recovering it. Meanwhile, more and more economists and market watchers have been expressing concerns that the stock market is grossly overpriced, perhaps on an order of magnitude of three times. For a long while, as the U.S. has pumped paper money into the system, maneuvering or manipulating all kinds of numbers, we have managed to prop up an economy that is almost fantastically debt-ridden. We were only applying band-aids. And in fact everyone has gone back to the usual, with stock sprees, the "flipping" of real estate again (especially in boom-bust states like Florida), and the purchase of high-priced cars (average sale is now more than $30,000). One of five people is considered "affluent." And so it is not surprising that through this time and false economy there have been the predictions by some of the same folks who foresaw the 2008 crisis that an equal or even worse crisis is on the way.

Our economy is not sustainable but neither is it ever time to panic. Events will occur, events that transform our system, and some will be financial. It makes sense to have a certain amount of cash, coins, foodstuffs (especially freeze-dried), batteries, medical supplies, fuel, water, propane, a grill, and so forth in reserve just in case whatever may or may not come in the way of an imminent financial crisis or for that matter an ice storm or whatever can afflict your area. One multi-millionaire has a store of nickels (the only coin worth more than its face value). It is good now, as always, to have back-up plans. The Holy Spirit lets us know when and what and how much and steers us toward preparation without paranoia. Such supplies are important in any era and in any region. Events could be a distance in the future. Or even prevented. Or next week. Probably, a timeline remains, and we will see it more clearly crystallize in the way of forerunners through the next few years, as events continue to grant a foretaste of what will come with much more intensity in the next two to three decades. Shortages and epidemics are our foremost considerations (see: water in California). To glimpse at how things can devolve we need only see the mayhem in Atlanta over a couple inches of snow and an icing this week. Folks stranded on highways or sleeping in supermarkets and Home Depots. What if an ice storm hit from Chicago to New York City during a bout of similar cold? Never mind quakes (in places that don't expect them). We will be doing a retreat in Richmond, Virginia, where a quake two years ago caused shaking in New York and Washington. Our infrastructure is far more fragile than we think -- far more; a regional and certainly a national electrical outage for even a few days would be beyond disruptive. Thus, the pulse of prophecy (the beat) goes on. It is intriguing how a Ukrainian mystic once speculated [see Witness] that some events would occur around or after 2015 and once had the vision of fires erupting across the former U.S.S.R. -- intriguing in this time when there is the threat of civil war in his homeland (as the government persecutes Christians, particularly Catholics, though this crisis may be easing). The crow attacks the dove! Yet, the prophetic pulse includes many who see this year as one of spiritual awakening -- a new illumination from Heaven; an outpouring of more miracles and gifts. The darker society is, the brighter the Light of Jesus shines. Where there is evil, grace abounds. We are anything but defenseless. It is hardly a time to fear, which causes spiritual and emotional imbalance and energizes the enemy.


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Note also: Michael Brown retreats: San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Retreat announced for Virginia

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[Feedback, for discernment, from alleged seer Charlie Johnston of Illinois: "I typically monitor several sober, optimistic sites to glean signs of real alarm - and have done so for years. In the last few weeks - and particularly in the last week, these sites are showing serious signs of deep unease, as if they are finally waking up to the implications of what has happened. People send me stuff all the time - most of it overheated nonsense...but in the last week, two have sent me materials from sites I don't monitor that are very much on target with their fears and have their facts fundamentally right. We have reached the point where the unease that is bubbling to the surface could very quickly and dramatically turn into wholesale panic. What I want to tell you is to stay steady. Don't panic, don't run, don't suddenly change your plans. These things must come. I know well that knowing that intellectually can be very different from seeing it play out in real time. Each of you, in your way, is called to calm troubled waters. You can't do that if you are running in panic yourselves. Now is the time when you must live the reality that faith is an act of the will - and must trust the good God who gave you means to mentally prepare you will not abandon you in the first hours of crash. Stay steady. The rule is the same in the initial chaos as it always is: Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you. Be deliberate and steady. People are counting on you -- and God has entrusted you with the responsibility for caring for your fellows, His children."

[Notes another who receives words: "The Lord spoke these words to my heart, 'The righteous will never be shaken.' This is in line with a mighty promise in Psalm 112: 'Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in His commandments. His descendants will be mighty on earth; The generation of the upright will be blessed.'"]


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