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Hurricanes and Tidal Waves Are Signs Prophesied as 'Intensifying' in Year 2004?

Before she died last August, seer Maria Esperanza of the Church-approved site of Betania in Venezuela saw 2004 as a momentous year, one that would see a ratcheting up of major events. Her last known prophecy was that a "lash" was in store.

For Esperanza, one of the greatest Catholic mystics of the past century, it certainly was a momentous year. She encountered what she had long described as "rivers of light" when she died after a lengthy, Parkinson's-like affliction on August 7. Was her death actually what she had "foreseen" -- was this the "momentous" event? Or did her prophecy also pertain to events in the world?

We can only say that Esperanza's death was followed a mere week later by Hurricane Charley -- the most vicious hurricane to strike Florida since Hurricane Andrew.

The year would see an unprecedented four major hurricanes strike Florida -- one, Ivan, even more terrifying than Charley -- along with a couple of tropical storms.

The state had never witnessed anything like it in recorded history and it had been nearly 120 years since a comparable situation (four hurricanes) plagued a single state; in that case, back in 1886, it had been Texas. During the past four decades -- since 1966 -- only three major hurricanes in total have hit the Florida peninsula. Two of the three were Charley and Frances -- which came within weeks of each other.

Charley, Ivan, and Frances, at certain points, all reached or threatened to reach the terrifying level of category-four or above storms. These are rare events. Ivan went way up north after devastating the Florida panhandle and then swept back down as a tropical storm -- another thing the National Hurricane Center had not seen before. Nearly ten million were evacuated during the storms and about 25,000 homes were destroyed [see alleged prediction of these events].

Estimates of total damage varied, but it is safe to say the figure is above $42 billion, which is more than the cost of Andrew. It was the greatest series of events ever to challenge the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Hurricane Director Max Mayfield (left) said he never expected to see anything like it. The four hurricanes hit in a period of just six weeks -- another unprecedented aspect. A former hurricane center director, Dr. Neil Frank, expressed his belief to Spirit Daily that such storms indeed have a spiritual component.

They certainly seemed like a "lash" Esperanza had foreseen (the storms were constantly described as "lashing" the southern U.S.), and they also composed a "ratcheting up" in natural events. The odds of the most unusual hurricane season in 120 years being followed just three months later, in the same year of 2004, by the strongest earthquake in four decades are around one in 14,400 -- far above the "statistically significant" level of 20-to-one odds used by scientists to gauge whether or not something is a coincidence.

When one considers that this is a figure based on four hurricanes hitting any state, and that the odds of four specifically hitting Florida could be double, it becomes a situation that is certainly peculiar.

Yet precisely this happened over the Christmas weekend, when a huge mangitude-9 quake sent tidal waves that killed more than 21,000 in India, Sri Lanka, and other Asian nations [see prediction of that]. The timing seemed extraordinary (it was still Christmas in much of the world; the odds against that specific weekend alone are 52-to-one) and it also fell in line with the "1990 prophecy" that foresaw chastisements occurring "in various regions" of the world and "not always or usually be immediately noticeable for what they are." 


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