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By Michael H. Brown

In my last "special report," I discussed the concept of "three days darkness." What is it? Who predicted it? How plausible is it? I approached those questions. In coming weeks, I'll be looking at a number of prophecies -- more recent ones.

But this time around, with our special discussion, let's extend the conversation a bit -- and look at a similarly dramatic prophecy: that of an alleged coming "illumination of conscience" (or "mini-judgment"). And let's look at the same questions with this.

Is it really plausible? Where does the prophecy come from? What might it entail?

It's a tough, delicate topic, but that's what these reports are all about: candidly tackling matters we don't usually approach at great length. In doing so, we have to venture into a discussion of a famous and fascinating apparition, Garabandal, in Spain.

Tackle the two issues -- the "illumination" (or "warning") as well as the most well-known source of that prediction: Garabandal -- we will! Very, very intriguing -- and puzzling -- stuff. Can we discern -- decipher -- it?

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