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Three Stories: A Miracle, A Brush With Evil, A Picture That Seemed To Move

From The Mailbag

First story

Dear Spirit Daily:                                                       

Last year at this time my husband was facing a bone marrow transplant.  It was his only chance to overcome his disease.  Mike was 61 years old and his greatest chance to be a recipient of the transplant was to have one of his siblings be a good match for him.  After each of his two sisters and two brothers were tested,  the only one that  was a match was his older sister.  Not only a  match but a perfect match and as we later found out she was like an identical twin inside (this is like a one in a million match) even though she was ten years older.  The problem arose when she found out that she was his only match.  She was very frightened to be a donor and after months of indecisiveness and backing out three different times, we were down to a very short window.  Our Lord and His Holy Mother were with us throughout this whole trial and in my heart I believed my husband would live.  Many of our family members, especially our nieces and nephews who were very close to this favorite uncle, were very angry at his sister.  They wanted to call her and let her know just how much.  We asked everyone to step back and just pray for this to be resolved.  The day before my birthday May 18th, we received word from Mike's brother that she had backed down once again.  It was the first time for me that I felt very down hearted.  It was the saddest birthday I can remember having,  but that night after finally doing what I knew I should, I sat down in front of the TWO Hearts Jesus and Mary and prayed my Holy Rosary.  After each Rosary I felt like ice was melting off of me and by the time I finished my third Rosary, I felt my peace return.

The next morning I got up early  and sat down opened a book "The Marian Movement of Priests" of which I have been a member since l983, and received a beautiful message in it that I believe Our Lady led me to.  In between my reading of it I heard in my heart another message from Our Lady which I believe illumined our path.  She said to my surprise "Why are you making her your God?  The only one who holds  life and death in his hands is my son Jesus Christ.  If it is his time to leave this earth, nothing anyone can do will prevent it, and if it is not, my Son does not need  Katie to keep him here.  This is a gift to Katie that she is afraid to accept.  Pray for her and tell all those who are praying for your husband to let go of their anger and unforgiveness or all their prayers will be wasted, since it blocks their prayers from going to my Son." 

That day I called all our family members and told them what Our Lady had revealed to me.  They too were relieved when they heard this message.  It took all the anger out and made them feel confident in their prayers.  This same day my 14-year-old daughter came down to breakfast and said, "Mom I want to write Aunt Katie a letter."  I said only if it is a nice one; please don't say anything that will upset her.  She replied, "No, mom I just want to thank her for  doing this for daddy.  I want to tell her how grateful I am that she is willing to try and help him and how difficult I know it is for her."  ( At this point in time Katie did not know that we had been told she was backing down again )   

Jen wrote one of the most heart-wrenching letters I have ever read.  She thanked her aunt for what she was doing to help her dad.  My three children (family members) were adopted by Mike and I nine years ago.  She told her Aunt Katie that her dad had saved her and her brother and sister from a terrible life in foster care.  She said she was glad that now his own sister could save his life.  She enclosed photos signed by herself and her sister and brother and also told her aunt that our family was praying the family Rosary for her every night and she knew she was going to be fine. 

That same week we received word that Mike's sister was going to do the transplant.  He had it done at Johns Hopkins Hospital last June 11 and to the doctors surprise came through with flying colors.  We have nothing but total gratitude to Jesus and Mary for watching over our family. 

This difficult experience only served to bring my husband and many other people to numerous to mention closer to God.  Isn't that what suffering is all about? 

My sister-in-law came through the procedure wonderfully and it helped to cement a very special relationship between her and my husband.  Three months after the transplant they found a malignant tag on Katie's breast and she received a mastectomy.  Thanks be go God it was found very, very early, it was removed, and there was no  lymph node invasion.  In fact she did not need any chemo or any other form of  treatment.  I believe this was the gift God was talking about!

I know this is a long story but I believe we have to hear about the wonderful works of God in this world today where so much fear and anger is stopping the prayers of so many good people from reaching there proper place.  The Two Hearts are waiting for our love to overcome all fear and our Trust to be in His Divine Mercy.

God Bless you for all your work.  You and Lisa and Family are In Our Prayers.

Carol & Mike Romano, Lutherville, MD

Second story

Dear Spirit Daily,

I was in Medjugorje in 1998. We were the first group to stay with Ivan the visionary and his family.  I was coming back from St. James Church after adoration.  It was about 10:30 at night.  I was saying the rosary walking through the woods and the vineyards back to Ivan's house, which is about a 15-minute walk from the church, when suddenly I felt a cold breeze blow through.  Reading about other encounters with the demonic I knew that cold was not good.  So I hurried my pace back to Ivan's. All of a sudden I saw a black shadow move in front of me to my right.  I thought I was letting my imagination get the best of me.  Then the shadow turned and went to the left.  My heart began to race.  The shadow turned and came right for me as I stood there in shock.  I tried to say the St. Michael prayer but couldn't remember how to say it.  I was saying the Rosary but couldn't remember how to say any of the prayers.  The shadow came near to me and it was then that I noticed that it was a very large German Shepard dog!  He came very close to me but not close enough to pet.  Then he walked in front of me and stood like a centurian in front of me about 15 feet.  He just stood there.  I hesitated before I began to walk.  Ivan's house was still about eight minutes away -- "should I trust that this dog isn't going to turn on me"? I began to walk and the dog led me.  Anyone who has been to Medjugorje knows that in the vineyards there are dozens of paths that lead in many different directions.  The dog could have taken any of them but, he led me.  Through the twisting turning paths he stayed ahead of me never taking a wrong turn all the way to Ivan's village.  He led me to where the path turns into a paved road about 100 yards from Ivan's house.  He stopped, let me pass, and headed back into the vineyards.

It was the next day when I told some people about my experience that I found out that the villagers have heard of similar experiences.  They call these dogs "angel dogs." Many questions come to mind.  How did this dog know where to lead me?  Why did Jesus and Mary send this dog to watch over me?  What was waiting for me in the vineyards when the cold came that I needed protection from?

Freeland, Michigan

Third story

Dear Spirit Daily,

The picture you will see in the attachment, was on the Spiritdaily website a few days ago. I go there every day, especially to the Prayer Room. I am cautious when reading stories about events such as statues weeping and in this instance, weeping blood. The picture you are about to see is one of a statue that wept blood after the Church were it was had been thrashed by gay activists. Well, I have to tell you a miracle that occurred whilst this picture was being downloaded. As I watched it all appear and read the explanation about it, my eyes were reverted to the statue because, believe me this happened, the mouth actually  moved. No words did I hear but this slow movement of the mouth was utterly visible. I cannot explain what it all was. Can you?


God bless you always

Love and prayers


editor's note: please discern before involvement with any statues or pictures

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