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There is suddenly an unusual and perhaps even mysterious resistance to vaccinations.

This is seen in the fact that a third of parents say they won't let their children be inoculated against the flu. It is also in evidence with opposition to vaccines against cervical cancer.

Noted a typical comment on one blog: "This whole swine flu scare is so bizarre, the timeline so suspect, and the media response so illogical, that even people who are solidly mainstream in their thinking are suspicious of it. You don't need to be a conspiracy theorist to be wondering if this new flu really deserves all this media clamor, or if taking the vaccine for it will really be in our best interest. There are many people who are viewing all this media hype."

Hype, or government precaution against flu epidemics like those that have killed millions in the past?

Some are concerned that various vaccines may cause the illnesses they seek to prevent; have unhealthy additives (such as mercury); perhaps have led to the increased rate of autism; are derived from stem cell lines that originated with aborted fetal tissue; may cause seizures (as has been reported recently in a case involving a vaccine against human papillomavirus, known as HPV); or even may contain compounds that decrease fertility. There are even those who fear government is quietly seeking to reduce the population.

That concern -- wild on the surface -- may spring from quiet sterilization programs in nations like Brazil and claims by authors such as F. William Engdahl (who wrote Seeds of Destruction) that the Rockefeller Foundation funded a program to develop a vaccine that caused abortions in the early 1990s "when, according to the Global Vaccine Institute, the World Health Organization oversaw massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines."

The vaccine reportedly included something called hCG -- a hormone critical in maintaining a pregnancy. A Roman Catholic lay organization, Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, investigated and found that combined with a tetanus vaccine, the hormone caused a woman's body to turn against both tetanus and the crucial hormone, rendering the woman incapable of maintaining an unborn child. The vaccine was given only to women of child-bearing age -- not to men or children.

In similar fashion, as we have reported, there are concerns that adjuvants (agents used to modify the effects of other pharmaceutical agents) in the current swine flu vaccinations, including something called Squalene, might cause infertility. We carried an item from the mail expressing that fear.

But as a medical technologist writes us, "the company is not saying that Squalene is the component that causes sterilization. They are saying that if a protein taken from sperm, for instance is added to a vaccine along with Squalene, it will cause the animal to make antibodies--become immune to -- that sperm and therefore render it infertile because it will attack sperm when exposed to them.

It is technical stuff. Bear with us a moment.

"Squalene is an adjuvant which means that it increases the body's ability to make antibodies against whatever antigen, virus, etc. the vaccine is made to protect against. In other words, the vaccine would have a form of the flu virus in it and then the Squalene when added would cause the person receiving the vaccine to respond more intensely to the vaccine and become immune. The problem with Squalene is that it has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier and is also implicated in auto-immune disease after exposure to it. It is an 'iffy' thing to expose anyone, especially children to. But this article is not saying that the Squalene itself is a sterility agent."

Added another viewer: "In other words, an adjuvant is used to make a vaccine more effective, to improve the body's immune response, but by itself, it doesn't do anything. That same adjuvant is also being used in a 'sterility vaccine' (and other vaccines that are being developed for diseases that involve hormones of different types) but it itself is not what causes the sterility."

Still, the concern seems to have a spiritual element. Is it simply the uncertain times -- and the idea (in a pandemic) that vaccinations may one day be forced upon us?

Some are suspicious as to how a company devised a swine flu vaccine and applied for a patent just before the current outbreak.

There have been cases, according to WHO, where pharmaceutical companies have inserted active viruses in other vaccines in order to facilitate approval of vaccinations for the virus they release in low doses.

And so there is skepticism -- and cynicism. It isn't helped by revelations that private think tanks and government agencies have long discussed population reduction, at least in poor countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Colombia, as well as Brazil.

In one case, Prince Philip of England -- known as a key participant in globalization groups such as the Bilderbergers -- said in 1986 in the forward for a book that if there was reincarnation, he wished he could come back as a virus to reduce the population.

But are fears nonetheless overextended? We'd like to hear from you on this.

"I have written about this pandemic on various websites, and had an article published in July in the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, on the subject," says viewer Brian Kopp, a doctor from Pennsylvania. "See 'The unforgiving arithmetic of pandemic.'

"There is a tremendous amount of disinformation about this flu, as well as vaccines, being circulated online. Most of it comes from well-meaning, but poorly informed individuals. Some of it comes from groups that are very much opposed to everything we believe as Catholics. I believe that Catholics online without a medical/scientific background to evaluate all the rumors and stories need concrete guidance and assistance in sorting fact from fiction, as well as a resource that is unbiased for or against vaccines.

"There is an aspect of this that relates directly to our Catholic witness. If we as Catholics accept uncritically every negative report about this pandemic, and/or spread or forward messages that are irrational or unsupported by scientific evidence, it diminishes our credibility as Catholics, and could jeopardize the souls of those who might otherwise accept the Gospel and come into the Church.

"I'm seriously considering starting a website or blog devoted entirely to addressing the constant barrage of news stories and rumors circulating on the internet, to assist fellow Catholics in discerning fact from fiction in the current flu debates."

Doctor, we think that's a good idea.

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