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There are extremes, as in everything else, in the debate over vaccines.

There are those who think they're the answer to everything -- and that not getting one for the kids is tantamount to neglect or criminality.

At the opposite pole are those who unfairly dispute that there are positive benefits or who believe vaccines have caused maladies they have not.

There is no law mandating vaccination. You can successfully contest having them. Should you? Should the medical community promote them so vigorously?

The question is how many lives are saved versus how many may be damaged by them.

And some certainly seem to have been damaged. There is good and bad here. Vaccines have saved lives. Although one popular anti-medical-profession author has claimed that the decline in epidemics like measles had nothing to do with vaccinations but rather with better hygiene, to the contrary,  a simple search of official statistics indicates that measles and other contagious diseases -- illnesses that once cost thousands of lives a year -- fell precipitously immediately after the arrival of vaccinations aimed at preventing those illnesses.

Epidemics have been averted. Remember polio? Remember mumps, chicken pox?

At the same time, some of these vaccines are derived from the stem-cell lines of aborted fetuses, and that makes them untenable: no kid should be injected with a solution that comes from such a dark source. A vaccine derived from an aborted fetus -- no matter how far removed down the cellular line -- is a product from the killing of a human.

There is also the fact that many vaccines have contained potentially toxic substances, especially metals, which can affect the brain, among other organs. In 1999 the parents of a two-year-old child named Alexander from Los Angeles who had developed fatal brain cancer after a slew of vaccinations wrote an incredible, detailed letter for a Congressional hearing, a letter that not only documented the occurrence of their son's illness, but also the incredible fact that not one of the major vaccines in common use had been tested for the possibility of carcinogenesis (that they might cause cancer)!

You can see that letter at the end of this article (or here).

One of the compounds in question was mercury, which was used in vaccines in the form of a preservative called Thimerosal. There were also metals like aluminum. Mercury -- as one of the most toxic substances known -- stood out.  The term "mad-hatter's disease" comes from workers at hat factories decades back in New Jersey who handled mercury as part of the manufacturing processing and as a result lost mental capacity.

While now phased out of most childhood vaccines, did mercury cause or contribute to the eruption of autism -- a loss of mental capacity -- during the past several decades?

And have vaccines caused other disorders in our young, into whose bloodstreams toxic metals were injected?

Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana held hearings on the relationship between vaccinations and autism in 2001 after his grandson became autistic after receiving forty-nine times the mercury considered "safe" by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Parent by parent told similar stories. After vaccinations, kids spiraled downward and in some cases became "vegetable-like."

A lot of smoke here.

It was after those hearings, it seems, that the use of mercury was restricted.

What about those who have been damaged? Can they be cured? Have some of them -- outside of conventional treatment?

Here we come to a book called Cancer -- Step Outside the Box, where is recounted the story of a two-year-old named Christian and parents who refused to accept a verdict (after vaccination) of autism.

Christian was six months old and happy and well when he was brought to the doctor for shots. He was never the same after.

He lost his ability to speak.

"Before our eyes," said his mother, "we started to lose him. He would not respond to his name, lost all eye contact, and started crying all the time. The turning point for me was when I started to take charge and put all the pieces together. I decided to fight back and take control of my son's health. Up until now I was just taking orders and following what the 'specialist' would tell me. I decided to start from the basics and work toward healing him completely."

This she did -- turning to natural remedies, along with proper medical consultation.

"With a whole-body approach to healing," she said, "his body naturally reactivated the body's magnificent ability to heal itself."

That meant fresh juices daily (with a juicer, not the stuff they sell as "juice" at the supermarket or gas station). It meant restoring his immune and metabolic systems. It meant prayer. "His body was able to heal," she reports. "Today my son is fully recovered."

In fact, he even excels as a student and athlete.

"Educated health consumers, including informed parents, are taking matters into their own hands," she says. "They are choosing healthy lifestyles and wise health-care alternatives that do not rely on constant pharmaceutical product use, including an alternative vaccine schedule. Taking your child for speech (therapy) every week and eating packaged foods or fast food will not produce the same results as a child on organic, home-made diet, eating superfoods and drinking healthy fresh juices daily while taking speech. The results are significantly different."

Isn't it too bad that some are so conditioned by major corporations that as a knee-jerk reaction they reject what is natural (or simply deny the importance of food)?

God has cures out there in what He created.

Her favorite quote: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food."

That's from Hippocrates -- the "father of medicine."

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Letter on effects of vaccines

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