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It seems, does it not, that the "veil" is thinning? Everywhere we turn, folks seem to have more accounts of the supernatural than ever before, at least in our current memory, which means a generation.

There have been runs -- rashes -- of various manifestations. In the 1980s, there was an eruption of alleged apparitions of the Blessed Mother, apparitions that continue around this world to this day. In the 1990s, angels were all the rage -- manifesting very boldly, and filling bestsellers. There has been the demonic: spiritual warfare perhaps has never been so obvious. (Its manifestations could fill an encyclopedia and continue to gain momentum). There are so many now who report signs from the deceased, which is among the topics covered in a book we have just released, The Spirits Around Us.

A thin veil indeed! The theology of modernism misses it. There are the "spirits around us": never before has the mainstream media reported on so many alleged "paranormal" events. The brilliant Father John Hampsch of California has issued a little booklet called Poltergeists and Seven Types of Ghosts, which also covers such topics.

Just last July -- in a single day -- were the eerie reports of ghost lights that led researchers to discover a mass historic grave in Malvern, Pennsylvania; the study focusing on an "epidemic" of possession (by spirits) in Mozambique; and the news story -- on normally skeptical CNN -- of  young "ghost-hunters" who were listening for the sounds of a legendary "ghost" train (there had been a crash in 1891). One of these ghost hunters was killed and another severely injured when a real train came by and ran them over (at three a.m. on a  Friday last month).

About three a.m.: why does this continue to pop up in accounts of both spiritual and occult occurrences? Is it the devil's hour (the dark reverse of the Hour of Mercy) or simply a time of night when (again) the veil thins?

Another recent e-mail: "We had a house fire at three a.m. that destroyed our home and instantly gave glory to Our Lord moments after the fire when we found out our family of six had made it out alive, but in the months to follow my husband became very angry -- almost consumed with uncontrollable anger (we prayed for almost a year together and turned to therapy and eventually to depression medications but nothing seemed to help) and then we made a family pilgrimage to a shrine after my uncle's 80th birthday and my husband felt compelled -- drawn -- to a St. Michael statue. It was at that moment in prayer that our four- year-old asked my husband to bend down (thinking he wanted to tell him something, he did), and blessed him with a Sign of the Cross on the head with the Holy Water from the spring Mother Mary brought about and told his daddy that God wanted his heart to be happy again. My husband said it was as if his heart became on fire and blackness melted from it!"

Ah, yes: this is the week of Michael! He is with us as this battle become so visible. We have a report that the person who received the 1990 prophecy has received another missive, about which we are discerning and perhaps will discuss next week.

Might it be that Heaven is pouring out graces as we approach climactic spiritual times -- and battles?

Of course, be careful of alleged apparitions. The enemy is behind our lines of defense. But with God we have protection.

Wrote Sherri Cinquina: "I am feeling confused about a certain subject that I feel isn't wrong: to investigate and expel spirits from homes when people are being haunted!  I believe in my Catholic faith, but am confused to why doing this is wrong. It doesn't seem wrong when I bless my home from evil spirits from entering. So why would helping people who are being haunted, like on the shows 'Paranormal State' or 'Ghost Hunters':  families reporting evidence of these things happening to a certain place; isn't the ghost or evil spirit already active? It's not like going in and disturbing the deceased when they are already active. I believe there are spirits of the deceased who are stuck.  Can you clear this up for me? 

"And another question.  What is the difference between a saint who has had visions or premonitions, or a person like who has had bad feelings about something that is going to occur. Am I considered what the world may say is psychic, or someone who has a real spiritual gift of God to know certain things?  Does it not say in the bible that men will dream dreams and see visions before the day of the Lord? I just don't understand when the Church is so full of mystics, yet mediums or ghost hunting are considered bad when history of our faith has done the same thing."

The problem with mediums and channelers (and psychics) is that they are contacting spirits through an initiative of their own (that's necromancy), and doing so without Jesus. Only in His Name can these matters be approached. They are dangerous because "ghosts" can be demons. Are there spontaneous gifts of the Spirit? Absolutely. But they are hard to trust unless a person is very prayerful, and frequents the sacraments (which clarify our discernment). Contact with the deceased should not be initiated, though there are times they may try to communicate with us (to console us or seek our prayers).

Yet, far be it for us to know the secrets of discernment. Unusual photographs. Images in nature. Some of it seems too spooky and as always one has to be wary of Satan's deceptions and the occult or New Age.

For example, there are the images above, taken at a church. First a strange orange glow showed up, then right after that the figure on the right. You tell us. Maybe -- as always, maybe -- it is a trick of the lens.

But much seems to be communicated from Heaven, as the devil tries to confuse or obscure it or flood it with false revelation.

Let's just remain simple.

As for this photo on the left:

"My children pictured, now 20, 18, and 17, thought I should send this in to share," wrote a viewer named Mary Martuscello. "We were going through pictures and happen to notice this manifestation! Funny thing is, we never noticed it before now. Maybe our hearts weren't ready back then. That was taken about 1996 or 1997. The kids seem to think there is a halo around the whole head. While having a certain healing  priest visit from time to time, he would tell us that he would see Our Lord and Our Lady with our children. Now we wonder if that is what he saw. He is now deceased."

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