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The Other Side plus The God of Miracles    ($12.95)    

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Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory Revelations from a deceased nun in the 18th century to a living nun about purgatory -- what's it's like, its levels and sufferings, astonishing and credible detail. Imprimatur. Highly, highly recommended. It is a little book of deep devotion and shows the tremendous value of Confession and the Eucharist. This much we can say: it is a revelation that will affect the way you view the rest of your life. For years a 'bestseller,' those who buy it often obtain also Michael Brown After Life (available by clicking here). The Other Side, by Michael H. Brown, a brand new faith-filled and journalistic look at what happens when we die -- including in-depth descriptions of death, the parting of the soul, 'judgment,' transition to the other side of the veil, and the various regions which at the highest reaches will astonish you with their splendor and light! Of all his books, one not to miss because no other could be as important! Actual testimonies from those who 'returned' and insights on preparing for the wondrous day and place we all can joyfully reach!
  (69 pp)   $4.50    (166 pp)   $8.95 

An Hour with Jesus This booklet was designed to enhance your time spent with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. It includes a prayer format to use in Adoration with rosary meditations, prayers and spontaneous meditation topics. Hugely popular. Spiral bound! The Gold Book of Prayers An all-time best-selling treasury of contemporary and traditional prayers including a beautiful Scriptural Rosary, Jesus Rosary, Litanies, and Seven Sorrows Chaplet. Excellent for prayer groups or individual use. Spiral bound!
    (120 pp)     $4.45         ( 96  pp)    $4.45   

  The Hidden Child of Medjugorje, by Sister Emmanuel, another Spirit-filled work by a sister who has spent years in the extraordinary village and who unearths remarkable accounts and lessons you will see nowhere else -- from spiritual lessons and miracles to the old prophecies of a former villager. Also is author of Freed and Healed Through Fasting. Read about an old 'eccentric' man who seemed to predict Medjugorje decades before it occurred and about those who have visited and come back with miracles beyond any comprehension! Tower of Light, by Michael H. Brown, his most powerful book since The Final Hour -- a book of huge coming events. Focusing on two prophecies since 1990, Brown shows how world events, effects in nature, evil in society, and bizarre creations of man -- from synthetics to genetic manipulation of humans themselves -- are bringing us to an incredible tipping point in human history, the brink of fantastic change, a struggle that will involve an anti-christ, Jesus, and a coming mysterious manifestation.
   (414 pp)   $19.00   (359 pp)   $10.00   

  The Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis
After the Bible, The Imitation is the all-time favorite book of Catholics for over 500 years. And this translation by Bishop Challoner, who revised the Douay-Rheims Bible in the 1740's, is the most beautiful and edifying we know of. It speaks to the soul of every Christian, reminding him of the shortness of time, the length of eternity and the brevity of earth. Endless and invaluable locutions from the Lord, as well as explication of life's challenges and struggles.
Healing of Self-Image by Father Robert DeGrandis and Betty Tapscott, a highly popular teaching on how we can actively heal memories that often affect us in hidden and painful ways. How to feel good and beautiful and to make your children feel the same way. Father DeGrandis has preached in 20 countries! Other books by this dynamic priest on healing, devotion, and deliverance are available by clicking here
  (427 pp)   $15.00 (38 pp)   $5.00     

  A Holy Life, for the first time in English (edited by by Dr. Patricia A. McEachern),  the writings of St. Bernadette of Lourdes -- way beyond the basic facts of the famous apparitions into the profound holiness of the seer and her spiritual insights. This is the depth of reading to which we are all called as it takes us into the sacred realms of prayer, simplicity, charity, and the power of suffering, presenting a wide array of her thoughts, advice, sayings, and prayers! Learn the secrets of her interior life and potent happiness! True Devotion to Mary with Preparation for Total Consecration by St. Louis De Montfort, the classic case for the Blessed Mother by one of her dearest disciples, a saint who has spelled out an incredible and powerful way of dedicating one's life to Mary as the Pope has done! Many consider this book the single greatest book on the Virgin Mary ever written. Beloved by countless souls, it sums up the entire Christian life, showing a way to holiness that is short, easy, secure, and perfect -- a way chosen by Our Lord Himself, as explained by this apostle.
  (220 pp)  $14.00  (300 pp)     $11.95  

  The Prophecies of St. Malachy,  the full rundown of popes matched with the alleged prophecies of this fascinating saint -- who many believe, in describing the one who would be current Pope as 'from the glory of the olive,' foresaw Benedict XVI as he foresaw so many others. The little book shows the accuracy of many predictions and the beautiful pattern woven by Heaven in the form of our popes  -- a pattern highly discernible once you read this amazing collection, which we submit for your discernment. Visions of the Children, by Jan Connell, truly extraordinary interviews with the seers of Medjugorje -- expert in-depth interrogation by a prominent and yet highly devout lawyer who covers all aspects of the apparitions and especially the secrets. You will see things here that you have not seen anywhere else, and learn wonderful and powerful new spiritual lessons! Aside from fascinating, little-know facts about this famous apparition are tremendous spiritual lessons!
  (96 pp)    $9.00  (256 pp)  $16.50 

The God of Miracles, by Michael H. Brown, how God works in our lives, the miracles that are possible, the way we prepare ourselves to receive them, the route to holiness, with stunning examples of the miraculous and a deep sense of encouragement. Does God really heal? Does He really watch over your life? Does He really cause all those fateful happenings and triumphant moments and coincidences that mystify us? A book that will inspire you and bring you up from the "downs" of life! Response has been strong from those whose views and lives are changed!

After Life by Michael Brown, What happens when we die? How are we judged? What's it like in Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory? Revelations, near-death accounts, and a reawakening to what life means! A hopeful book, a serious book, one that you and loved ones won't forget as you take a look at the final destination: eternity. We strongly recommend "An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory," available above, as an invaluable and astonishing companion book (revelations of a nun in purgatory). There is nothing more crucial!

 (186 pp)   $9.95    (106 pp)   $7.95  

Break Open Your Wells, by Maria Vadia, another anointed, Spirit-led book of surprising little insights on how best we open the reserves of grace, joy, and healing that are within us -- how we can fully utilize the gifts God gives us by inner cleansing and discovery of the 'living waters' -- the wells -- that are waiting to refresh and transform our lives and the lives of those around us! Deliverance, praise, and unlocking our love relationship with Christ to enjoy all fruits of the Holy Spirit! Pressing on in the Spirit, by Maria Vadia, who brings Scripture alive in a way that relates to our own personal lives, in a most profound and exciting (and hopeful) way! As she applies Scripture, she points out human weakness and outlines a guide to action: in life, in love, in work. This is a book that tells you how to put the Bible into practice, from prayer to potent fasting! A very charismatic, insightful book: recommended.
 (153 pp)  $9.95        (116 pp)  $7.95    

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Animals in Heaven? by Susi Pittman, an extraordinary, anointed perspective on the roles of animals in God's Creation, whether they go on to an eternity, their relationship to man -- including mystical aspects.  Does God have a place for them? Where do they go when they die? Are they just dust -- or something else? A tour de force that is totally in line with Church teaching. To Forgive Is Divine by Father Robert DeGrandis, Using the Word of God Father Father teaches us to remove our barriers to the movement of the Holy Spirit and points the way to a fuller, more meaningful Christian life.  Shows us the Ten Commandments of Forgiveness.  For other Fr. DeGrandis books, click here
 (121 pp)   $15.50   (65 pp)     $5.00  

Ordinary Suffering of Extraordinary Saints by Fr. Vincent O'Malley,   This book discloses the seldom-discussed temptations, failures, and sorrows of more then one hundred saints.  Let these stories of the saints heal the wounds in your life and encourage you to allow God's love to transform your suffering into the eternal triumph of the saints. You'll find that when you suffer, it is often a hidden but powerful grace from the Lord -- if handled properly. Mary Magdalen, In the Visions of  Catherine Emmerich, yet another mystical revelation from the famous mystic and stigmatic, who was described as world's greatest source on Mary Magdalen -- the second most prominent woman in the Gospels. Did this German seer really have visions of her hidden life? Descriptions of her upbringing, her sin, her deliverance from evil!
(272 pgs)     $12.95           (147 PP)  $13.00   

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The Fruits of Medjugorje, by Elizabeth Ficocelli, a new and professional look at some stunning conversions and miracles at the most famous active apparition site in the world, the place of wonders  in Bosnia-Hercegovina where 30,000 priests and bishops have visited, and where now Ficocelli takes us on a whirlwind look at some of the most captivating accounts at this time when the apparitions are suddenly and once more and despite controversy coming to the fore! Offering of Suffering by Paul Mihalik 
Paul Mihalik provides great insight into an area few of us understand: Suffering for the salvation of souls. Each of us has pain in our lives. Once we realize that, we transcend it -- we see the beauty of our trials, tribulations, and tests. Mihalik shows us through the lives of Jesus, Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, St. Therese of Lisieux, and others, the redemptive power of suffering.
 (256  pp)  $16.00     (100 pp)    $4.95     

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Freed and Healed Through Fasting, by Sister Emmanuel, a little book that powerfully indicates the reason for fasting, how best to do it -- and its often dramatic effects! When divorce is 'inevitable,' when a loved one is sick, when someone is hooked on drugs, when fear is intense, turn to the true power of fasting, through which Heaven so quickly responds! Through fasting, thousands have found freedom, healing, and peace. This booklet, rich with anecdotes; a survival guide! Our Lady of America - The Messages  - Given to Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil of Fostoria, Ohio, these astonishing messages, always revealing new aspects, call on America to lead the world back to God --  or face "hitherto unknown" consequences. Each 48-page booklet available for donation of your choice, with proceeds to nuns leading cause of apparition.  We offer these for discernment only as officials still consider the final legitimacy.
  (85  pg)   $6.95          $5.00        

How to Converse Continually and Familiarly with God, by St. Alphonsus Liguori, a little but famous booklet by the great saint on how to speak personally -- and effectively -- with confidence, to Our Lord, covering every aspect of our personal relationship with Him. A truly important little book for every Catholic! In our walk toward God we can accompany no one better than a saint, especially a doctor of the Church! Eucharistic Adoration Rosary,  with imprimatur, a neat,  packed booklet to use in front of the Blessed Sacrament. 'This devotion was given in prayer as a special gift to a simple and humble member of the Christian faithful who wishes to remain anonymous,' says Bishop David L. Rickens of Cheyenne about the devotion, which was put together with meditations by Fr. Louis Guardiola and draws us deeper into the Eucharistic mystery!
                                                     (70 pp)  $3.00  (38  pp)  $3.00

Miracle Hour by Linda Schubert  Imprimatur.This wonderful booklet has helped over 700,000 people implement a daily prayer routine. The author provides a quick and easy method of spending five minutes per prayer 12 times a day. Use it for a powerful way of communicating with God and advancing spiritually. Highly recommended.  Miraculous results for those with faith! The hour of prayer will open you to new charisms and at the same time bring alive old prayers. Mysteries, Marvels and Miracles in the Lives of the Saints  by Joan Carroll Cruz  One of the most amazing Catholic books of the century. Includes hundreds of true stories of miraculous phenomena in the lives of the Saints: bilocation, levitation, multiplication of food, etc. A tremendous contribution to Catholic literature and a wonderful asset to the Catholic world!
( 48 pp)   $3.95     ( 554  pp)   $24.00  

Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco by Saint John Bosco These fascinating dreams involve prophecy and reading of hearts, with a powerful spiritual message. Includes: To Hell and Back, Two Boys Attacked by a Monster, The Snake and the Rosary, and many more. These dreams led to many conversions and will instruct, admonish and inspire today! Thy Will Be Done! by Saint Francis de Sales, from 20,000 letters from the saint -- sent to those who sough his incredible counsel -- is culled excerpts to most help you today -- each written to people like you with problems like yours. Anxiety. Temptation. Coping when you are not in control. Answered with warmth, wisdom, and holy sympathy.
  (226  pg)    $15.00     (249 pp)   $14.95  

Inner Healing Through Meditations on the Stations of the Cross by Father Robert DeGrandis, another remarkably helpful and yet simple guide to God's love and healing power. This gifted priest has traveled the world teaching the charismatic joys of being an active and prayerful Christian! (tenth printing) Healing of Self-Image by Father Robert DeGrandis and Betty Tapscott, a highly popular teaching on how we can actively heal memories that often affect us in hidden and painful ways. How to feel good and beautiful and to make your children feel the same way. Father DeGrandis has preached in 20 countries!
(31 pp)  $3.00   (38 pp)   $5.00  

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Supernatural Joy, by Valli Leone, a born-again Catholic's passion for Christ and how we can tap into the healing power of being joyful -- how it comes, how it creates miracles, how God touches us, the saints and inner happiness, how we attain this joy especially when we have inner cleanliness -- and how prayer factors into creating change and a smile on us in all circumstances! Stop with the anger! Stop with the fear! Praise God!  


The Holy Cloak, in honor of St. Joseph, a dynamic little book with regular prayers, supplications, invocations, a litany, closing prayer of the cloak, a novena and special way to merit the patronage of this great saint while rendering honor to him! A very popular booklet with a unique and anointed touch. Complete with explanations -- especially about  special novena. Highly recommended as a new, deeper novena.
(190 pp)  $9.95   (40 pp)   $4.95  

Padre Pio, Encounters with a Spiritual Daughter, by Graziella DeNunzio Mandato, a hot-selling book that any devotee of St. Pio would want, with photos of Padre Pio never before seen and her diary of time spent in San Giovanni Rotondo! A taste of what it was like to have his personal guidance!  


Padre Pio: The True Story By C. Bernard Ruffin
The most factual book ever written on the greatest mystic since St. Francis of Assisi, with unforgettable photographs (16 pages) and new material! Watch the remarkable miracles come to life with hard facts. Updated version. Must-have for any mystical library! 
 (156 pp)  $14.95    (444 pp)     $14.95   

Catholic Prayers, by Thomas A. Nelson, a fine little compendium of powerful prayers for motherhood, for protection, for Eucharistic Adoration, for conclusion of the Rosary, for faith, for contrition, for intercession of various saints, for indulgences, for consecrations, and other edifying methods of spiritual growth! Includes an ancient prayer to St. Joseph, prayer for meals, novenas, Lenten prayers, prayers for purity, and  prayers against evil thoughts!  


Praying in the Presence of Our Lord with Padre Pio, by Eileen Dunn Bertanzetti, edited by Fr. Benedict Groeschel -- a focus on how Padre Pio adored the Eucharist and how we can be with him in worshipping Jesus -- being before God with the humble stigmatist. Here are his words, his prayers, on life's sorrows, fears, trials, temptations, and joys. What he brought before the truly Present Christ!
(114 pp)   $4.00    (144 pp)    $7.95  

Eucharistic Miracles by Joan C. Cruz
The story of 36 major Eucharistic Miracles from Lanciano, Italy in 800 to Stich, Bavaria in 1970. Details the official investigations. Reinforces the Church's doctrine of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament like no other book! Illustrated with photos. 


Where is that in the Bible? by Patrick Madrid
This book by a veteran apologist and best- selling author helps you to explain our Catholic faith.  Find out  what the bible teaches about the pope, priestly celibacy, homosexuality, abortion, purgatory, the sacraments  and many other Church riches!   
    (300 pp.)   $16.50      (176  pg)   $10.95       

Saintly Solutions,, by Fr. Joseph Esper, how saints would approach some of life's common problems -- from anger, boredom, and temptation to gluttony, gossip, and greed. Whatever you're struggling with, you're not alone: there's a saint who is not only praying for you before the Throne of God, but who went through the same thing and now affords you lessons. Fr. Esper considers over forty common problems and snippets from the lives and teachings of over 350 saints!  


Mary's House DVD, prayerful and peaceful, a tour of the famous house in Ephesus where it is believed the Virgin Mary resided with St. John in the later years of her life, perhaps even dying and assumed into Heaven there! Narrated by a Capuchin Franciscan, this video presents both the history and spirituality of what many describe as a nearly incomparable place of pilgrimage -- one that is now visited by more than a million pilgrims a year, many returning with accounts of the miraculous grace and prayers answered!
(369 pp)   $21.00     (75 minutes)  $19.95  

The Incorruptibles by Joan Carroll Cruz
The stories of 102 canonized Saints and Blessed whose bodies were found incorrupt long periods after their deaths, many of which endured abnormally adverse conditions while remaining intact. A fascinating and absolutely documented study--and one that  will reinforce your faith. (bestseller)


Compendium of the Catholic Catechism, by the U.S. Bishops, a faithful and sure summary of the Catechism in all its essential and fundamental elements, aimed at being a quicker look at what the Church teaches on a huge variety of topics -- from morals in every day life to the end times. Already a big bestseller and something every Catholic would find valuable.
 (310 pp)    $16.50   (191 pp)   $14.00 

Victory in the Eye Gate, by Maria Vadia, a new book by a powerful, Spirit-filled, charismatic author who specializes in healing and deliverance and now writes about the critical importance of guarding what enters our spirits through our eyes -- protecting the 'eye gate' so we can see as God sees! Must-read for spiritual progress  


Deeper Conversion, Extraordinary Grace for Ordinary Times, by Sr. Anne Shields -- a leader in the charismatic renewal  who shows how in such a 'connected' time -- computers, cell phones, iPods -- we need to connect with God through Scripture -- and how we can do that to create real wonders in our lives!
(186 pp)  $10.50 (112  pp)  $11.95   

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Visits to the Blessed Sacrament by St. Alphonsus Liguori, "Here, then," says St. Alphonsus, "is our heaven on earth--the Most Blessed Sacrament." This book was conceived and written to help us grow in the knowledge and love of God and in appreciation for what He has done for us. For each of the 31 days of the month, St. Alphonsus provides for us a "Visit to Our Lord"--which is a brief meditation on and a fervent prayer of love for Jesus. It is through the Eucharist that we find answers to all of our problems.  


The Scriptural Rosary (with Luminous Mysteries) Based on the original rosary, this incredibly powerful prayer includes all fifteen decades with a biblical meditation for each bead, we recommend this form of the rosary above all others as a potent source of grace and protection.  This rosary has origins in the psalms of David and brings us to the deepest mysteries of Mary and Christ.  Pocket hardcover. Highest recommendation! It's packed with power. Now also on CD!
 (106 pp)    $5.00   (80  pg)  $9.95    CDs $19.95

AA-1025 The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle
Alleged memoirs of a Communist injured in an auto accident in France; he died in the hospital a few hours later. The nurse who attended him kept his journals, read them, and published them as AA-1025. He had become a Catholic priest to subvert the Church from within, she claims,  describing his methods and  plans. Fact or fiction?
temp unavailable)


Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone,  True Stories of Divine Wonders, Miracles, and Messages, by Elizabeth Ficocelli -- an engaging, highly interesting look at bleeding statues, stigmata, levitation, Eucharistic miracles,  apparitions, and more, a journey through the past and right to the present, all written in a way that moves fast and responsibly.
 (135 pp)    $7.50   (119 pp)  $12.00

Full of Grace, by Christine Watkins, miraculous stories of healing and conversion through Mary's intercession -- direct, honest, heart-rending, and miraculous, in the words of Wayne Weible. The accounts of a homeless drug addict, a stripper, and a modern-day hero, healed, changed, reminding us of how powerful she is no matter how chaotic the world and times around us! A book that engages us because it brings to life real people and real grace.  


Praying in the Presence of Our Lord for the Holy Souls by Susan Tassone,  Nothing gives God more glory, or brings Him greater joy, than when we remember those who have died before us. This is the most comprehensive collection of the most powerful prayers of the Catholic Church for the holy souls. Pope John Paul II said that giving the holy souls your indulgence is the "highest act of supernatural charity." 
 (203 pp)  $13.95 (176 pg)      $7.95       

The Life and Glories of St. Joseph, by Father Edward Thompson, a life that will 'astound most readers both with its scope and with its profundity,' says the publisher, a book based on Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the testimony of saints, analyzing Joseph's role in all of history!  


Will You Help Me?  'Handbook of Devotion to Divine Mercy, ' a terrific new booklet explaining the canonization of St. Faustina, a history of the devotion, preparation for it, prayers from diary (from healing to souls in purgatory) plus other Catholic prayers, feasts!  
   (460 pp)  $19.00    (131 pp)  $6.00 

Foods Jesus Ate (and How to Grow Them), by Allan A. Swenson, an enormously timely and fascinating look at what the Lord would have nourished Himself with in ancient Israel and how it would have been grown and prepared -- with healthful recipes for everything from herbs and vegetable preparations to fruits and lentils: a practical guide for gardeners and chefs at all levels!  


CD: Healing Through Rosary, by Father Robert DeGrandis, with Cecilia Kittley, actually two CDs with music that includes the Ave Maria. Fr. DeGrandis has traveled worldwide in the charismatic Catholic community. He has many gifts, with deliverance and healing through prayer among them! Pray with him and lift your heart with the anointed music.
(240 pp)  $14.95    (two CDs)    $17.00  

The Pieta Prayer Book  (a classic) Many find this the most powerful little compilation of prayers they own. There are the fifteen prayers as revealed to St. Bridget. There is an ancient prayer to the Virgin. There are beautiful prayers to Jesus. There is a prayer to the Eternal Father to obtain all the graces of the world's Masses. There is a novena to the Sacred Heart. There is Divine Mercy, prayer for priests. There are many ways to find the deepest aspects of traditional devotion.  


The Gift of Oneself, surrendering oneself to God as a way of life, by Fr. Joseph Schryvers,  a fresh approach to spirituality, how to offer ourselves to God as we should and how in return the Almighty concerns Himself with our sanctification -- caring for our souls and our temporal needs. When we give ourselves to Him, explains this astute priest, the Lord becomes our spiritual director and places His wisdom and power at our disposal, presenting us with the gift of Himself! Love Him. And feel His love.
(72 pg)    $1.95    (178 pp)  $10.00  

101 Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, by Sr. Patricia Proctor, stories from simple people who have had telling experiences with Confession -- how they have approached it, where they were coming from, and what it did for them! More than a hundred little stories, including from a priest who heard a Voice that completely changed the way he heard Confession! Recommended!  


The Untapped Power of the Sacrament of Penance, by Fr. Christopher J. Walsh, forward Fr. Benedict Groeschel, a widely endorsed book on penance that is as interesting as it is instructional, a 'treasure of theological and spiritual wisdom,' said the Archbishop of New York, a convincing argument that Confession is the sacrament of our time!
 (274 pp)  $14.95     (160 pp)   $12.99  

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The Greatest Miracle, by Fr. John F. Campoli, a priest who has been in the healing ministry for twenty years and in this little booklet presents us with meditations that take us deeper in Mass, allowing us to more directly connect with Jesus during the liturgy and pray for healing. Christ is the Eucharistic Savior -- and this book brings that home to us!  


Joy in Suffering, according to St. Therese of the Child Jesus, a novena: nine days of instruction and prayers! By Bishop A. A. Noser. Keep this little classic with your precious collections of prayer books and cards. For who better than Therese -- who suffered much, and yet was so happy -- to teach us "secrets" of dealing with suffering and bodily discomfort!

 (39 pp)  $3.00        (97  pp)  $3.50   

How To Make a Good Confession, by Fr. John Kane, Here is the help you need to open your soul to the vast reservoir of mercy found in Confession. This down-to-earth, practical guide shows how to transform your confessions into profound experiences. 'Don't go to Confession without it!' says author Patrick Madrid. And indeed Confession stands as one of the great unused remedies for evil in our modern and troubled time.  


Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers, by Donna-Marie O'Boyle, who was encouraged by Mother Teresa of Calcutta to write this book and received an apostolic blessing from John Paul II for the collection of these traditional, original, and powerful prayers! For moms of all ages. Page after page of lovely prayers, thoughts, and effective petitions. Donna-Marie is a mother of five and founded a Marian Mothers group.

(quality cover, 130 pp)  $10.95  (64 pp)      $6.95 

How to Go to Confession,  by Ann M. S. LeBlanc, a new and suddenly popular book for those who need a fresh outlook on Confession, and especially those who have been away from the sacrament -- that we may better understand and prepare for its unique power. Presented with both humor and spiritual insight, it is a step-by-step approach on how best to participate. Topics include 'When Really Bad Things Have Happened to You" and "When the Person You Have to Forgive Is a Priest."  


The 12 Steps to Holiness and Salvation,  St. Alphonsus Liguori, an absolute classic whether bishops or bridgebuilder, housewife or professor, -- whoever takes up this book, they will agree that in it are true keys to happiness in this world and bliss in the next! By the all-time famous saint, in simple, powerful, soul-saving language that you won't easily forget!  This is a true classic that every Catholic should have at bedside, and pass on to the children.

(60 pp)   $4.95  (198 pp)  $9.00

Confession: Its Fruitful Practice This wonderful and practical little booklet explains clearly and thoroughly how to make a good Confession --but in much greater detail than is covered in most catechisms! It includes an examination of conscience, contrition and its requirements, the actual Confession, penance, and avoidance of sins. A valuable little handbook.  


The Seven Capital Sins Everyone, unfortunately, will probably see himself or herself  described in this booklet, since all human sins are traceable to the following roots: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth. This little booklet expertly explains the true nature of these sins -- and their often surprising disguises, so we may avoid them!

(79 pgs)   $3.00  (62 pgs.)   $3.00  

CD: Sing and Praise for Healing, by Fr. Robert DeGrandfis and Cecilia Kittley, a powerful and popular CD of healing using music and a guide for prayers that effect emotional, intellectual spiritual, relational, and physical healing -- including how to heal through the Lord's Prayer. Fr. DeGrandis is a noted charismatic priest who has traveled the world and written many highly popular booklets!

Marian Apparitions of the 20th Century (bestselling video) by Drew Mariani, Deeply rooted in humanity's history, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been making repeated visitations throughout the world, particularly in the latter part of the 20th century.  From Fatima to Betania and Medjugorje. This is the classic video on apparitions from Fatima and Medjugorje to Betania.
 (CD)  $14.95    $19.95   

The Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics Compiled by Raphael Brown,  Masterpiece that combines into one story the visions of four great Catholic mystics on the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Truly unforgettable understanding of the otherwise unknown facts concerning Mary and the Holy Family. This is a reference book par excellence that will grant a better perspective on current alleged apparitions and visions,  with a focus on details and insights you have never before encountered.  


Healing is for You, by Maria Vadia, another anointed can't put me down book from a charismatic who takes us through glimpses of her own powerful conversion to many attributes of the Spirit, discussing why healing is your inheritance, how curses can interfere, how to release faith, the problem of unconfessed sins,  how to access your healing, healing in gifts of the Holy Spirit, healing in the Eucharist, healing in the Word of God, and more!

(264 pgs)    $15.00   (97 pp)   $8.95  

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Dressing with Dignity, by Colleen Hammond, a former news anchor, actress, and model who spells out the forces behind the 20th-century revolution in women's fashions, what popes and saints had to say about dressing, and in this 'groundbreaking' book provides information on what you need to protect your loved ones from the onslaught of tasteless, immodest clothing. How to regain dignity!  A surprise 'bestseller.'  


Praying the Psalms with Padre Pio by Eileen Dnn Bertanzetti, for the first time, the lyric beauty of all 150 Psalms is presented with the wise words of St. Padre Pio -- a must for those devoted to this astonishingly powerful saint who had a great devotion to this part of Scripture!

 (135  pp)  $10.00     (176 pp)   $11.00   

Healing of Memories  by Father John Hampsch 
An in-depth, life-changing experience of the four dimensions of healing, exposing 'hidden' problems and damage. This Scripture-based healing program has elicited countless testimonies. Father Hampsch is a world-traveling healer with knowledge and insights rare by any standard.


Interceding with Jesus by Mother Nadine Brown
Mother Nadine has put into words and shaped a whole lifestyle in this book.  It is a guide to deep contemplative union with Jesus and a willingness to share His crucified love for the world through self-offering and intercession before the Father.
 (2 tape set)   $11.95  (99 pgs)      $10.00       

Official Catechism of Catholic Church, The second edition has been revised in accordance with the official Latin text promulgated by Pope John Paul II in 1997. It also has been enhanced by the addition of more than 100 pages that feature a glossary of terms and an analytical index. This is the perfect gift for a holiday, Confirmation, or for a Catholic of whatever age. The first new compendium of Catholic doctrine in more than four centuries!  


No Wonder They Call It The Real Presence,  by Dave Pearson,  nine men and women explain how adoring Jesus in the Eucharist changed their lives -- and can do the same for you or your loved ones! These astonishing testimonies on Adoration leave no doubt about the life-changing power of encountering the Son of God in His Eucharistic Presence, written by a professional Catholic journalist!
(904 pg)   $19.95  (177 pp)   $10.99    

The Hidden Power of Kindness, by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik, a practical spiritual handbook for souls who dare to transform the world -- one deed at a time! From this book you'll find the areas of your life that you can improve, when it comes to kindness, bringing you closer to God -- and those you love -- in the process. This is a book the rings with wisdom and insights on each page!  


The Prayer of the Presence of God, by Dom Augustin Guillerand, a summary of how monks of the Carthusian Order, who for a thousand years have withdrawn from the world, place themselves in God's Presence -- alone in their cells, where they pray, work, and take their meals free from any worldliness. What a lesson this is on the deeper aspects of prayer!
  (246 pp)    $16.95   (167  pp)  $14.00    

Celebrate Mass with Your Heart, by Fr. Slavko Barbaric, the famous priest at Medjugorje who takes us into the profound mystery of the entire liturgy -- showing how Mass is a most precious, extraordinary gift from God. It is a book that, acted upon in the right manner, leads us to the ultimate richness of that Love and places us at the table of the Lord. Everything that needs to be said on the subject is said in a straightforward way! Father Barbaric was an extremely special priest!  


Diary of Sister Faustina, the classic writings of a new saint with a huge mystic bent, a saint who saw Jesus in visions and received dozens of potent messages on the need in our time for Divine Mercy to defeat the evil that otherwise will overcome us and lead to chastisement. This is a must for all Catholics tuned into to present time and an important devotion that has all the signs of urgency. This is a classic book that every devout Catholic will want as a meditation and a reference.
   (123 pp)  $8.95   (700 pp)  $14.95      

I Am Sending You Prophets, The Role of Apparitions in the History of the Church, by Fr. Edward O'Connor, on the way visions and locutions have figured into our faith and the way the Church has dealt with them -- with a special look at why prophecy has seemed to disappear from Catholicism and illustrations of the many ways in which the prophetic charism has continued every century since Jesus, above all the rediscovery which took place in and around Vatican II! An inside look at the way mysticism is handled, by an expert!  


Betania: Land of Grace (DVD-video) Incredible reports of miraculous healings, unexplained phenomena and visitations of the Blessed Virgin Mary in South America. Meet visionary and stigmatist Maria Esperanza, whom many compare to the famous Italian mystic, Padre Pio. It is Esperanza who had apparitions of Mary and exercised spiritual gifts that astonished thousands -- spreading her charism of joy and love.    
  (356 pp)  $14.95     (DVD-one hour) $19.95  

The Power of Intercessory Prayer, new, from Mother Nadine Brown, five CDs that equip us for life's battles by discussing holiness of heart, poverty of heart, obedience of heart, purity of heart, and zealotry of heart -- all in a charismatic Marian way that all can understand and use on the way to eternity! Her CDs are very popular, as an expert in spiritual warfare.  


Mysteries of Light, meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary with Pope John Paul II, a brilliant prayer devotional with now all twenty Rosary mysteries covered in a small, attractive booklet that guides us into meditating on the new Luminous Mysteries as well as the classic mysteries with which we are familiar.
 (CD set)   $45.00   (45 pp, quality paper)  $8.95   

The Secrets of Mary, by Jan Connell,  author of bestseller Queen of the Cosmos, the hidden aspects of mysticism through the ages and into the present, including coverage of the Fatima and Medjugorje prophecies, based on author's fascinating research and expert interviews -- hundreds of little-known gifts that the Blessed Mother has presented mankind throughout history, often in stunning ways!  


No Turning Back, by Fr. Donald Calloway, the tremendous account of a drug-drenched youth who finds Christ and his way back to the Church -- then onto the seminary -- through the Blessed Mother and reading about Medjugorje. Now a prominent priest, Fr. Calloway has vivid insights into the troubles of our times and especially spiritual warfare. A tour de force of Divine Mercy!
  (hardcover 295 pp)  $19.50 (277 pp) $19.00

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